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How to Join Us

  1. Must have Medicaid.*

  2. Must be a Resident of New York (Counties of New York City, Nassau, or Suffolk).*

  3. To arrange a visit of our center and on how to join us please call us at: (718) 886-8577.

  4. Participants usually go through two rounds of assessments required by the State and Medicaid. First with the Conflict Free Evaluation Maximus and then Second one with a Managed Long Term Care Insurance company. The evaluation will determine your eligibility for Managed Long Term Care (MLTC).*

  5. Once you have successfully completed the assessments, please allow time for the MLTC insurance company to process your case. Shortly, a Care manager will reach out to you about membership.

  6. We will walk you through the whole process, so it will be quick and easy for you to get the service needed.

*Fancy Terms Explained

After reading about the steps above, you might be feeling confused about these technical terms. You may have heard of them before, or maybe you have not. Do not worry, because we will assist you during this entire process. To help you become more familiar with the terms, here are brief explanations for what they mean.

  • Medicaid - Better known as the Benefit card in New York State (example shown on left), is required to join a social adult day care centers like ours. If you currently do not have Medicaid, but think you are eligible, we may help you.

  • Managed Long Term Care – Members are enrolled in a Managed Long Term Care Insurance company. Members are qualified for at least 120 hours of Long Term Care, which includes home health aid services & Social Adult Day Care services like ours.

  • New York Resident - Seniors that apply for any New York-based senior centers must be a resident of New York state. Because we are based in Flushing, NY, we recommend that prospective members live in Queens, Long Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Bronx. Since we offer door-to-door transportation services between members' homes and the center, long transportation times are not recommended for seniors.